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Shannon Kinney-Duh, creator of A Free Spirit Life, and Ashley Walburn, owner of Home Holistic, are bringing you this movement – the podcast, community and retreats for women in all stages of motherhood.

Mindful Mothering is about nurturing your heart and soul while you nurture your children.  It’s about consciously awakening to your inner wisdom and being peacefully present as a mama no matter where you are on your journey.  From discovering your newborn, to loving and accepting the wonderful people who have left your nest.

The Mindful Mama Movement is bringing women together from around the world to celebrate this imperfect journey of motherhood.  Our movement is empowering mamas to be authentic and to live inspired lives.

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In today’s show, Episode 2, you will meet Ashley Walburn, the co-host to our podcast!

Ashley is a marriage and family therapist, birth doula, yoga teacher, owner of a holistic health business and the mom to four boys (ages 12, 13, 14 & 22).

Ashley takes us on a personal story of the challenges and celebrations she faced becoming a young, single mom, the trauma she experienced in birth, how she met the love of her life and why she’s so incredibly passionate about empowering women as they birth and become moms and beyond.

Just a word of caution, there is a short section of the interview where Ashley shares in detail about her unwanted episiotomy.  If you are sensitive to this, she talks about it during the discussion of her first birth.

You are going to feel so inspired by Ashley’s authentic, raw interview and her generous sharing.

To learn more about Ashley, visit Home Holistic.