In today’s show, you will meet Shannon Kinney-Duh, the other host to the Mindful Mama Movement podcast!

Shannon is a holistic life coach, yoga teacher, writer, artist and mom to 3 boys (ages 3, 6 & 8).

Shannon shares her journey of healing from not feeling “good enough” to one that embraces imperfection.

She provides inspiration on how to break through self-doubt, on living a creative life and facing your fears, the importance of nurturing your creative dreams, and how to step into the flow of the present moment so you can feel more empowered and alive.

Shannon believes we are all creative and long to express our authentic selves in the world.  Rather than let self-doubt and fear keep you from being your true self, Shannon inspires you to dig deep and find your courage to live an authentic and creative life.

To learn more about Shannon, visit A Free Spirit Life.

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