In today’s show, Episode 24, we are excited to share with you this amazing conversation with Casey O’Roarty!

Dive right into listening – seriously – Casey is not only awesome and full of wisdom – but so real and so dang funny. Casey is the creator of Joyful Courage and a Positive Discipline coach. She share’s how rough it was becoming a mom and what she learned about herself during the early years.

Casey shares how some of the darker moments and challenges she’s faced in motherhood led her to learning the philosophy of Positive Discipline.  This practice worked so well for her, that she says it changed the dynamic of her family, and it also led her to become a Positive Discipline parent educator.

Casey talks about how to use Positive Discipline with not only toddlers, but with teenagers. She shares how to help our kids develop coping skills and how important it is to do our soul-work as moms.

We talk about how important it is as we are nurturing our children, that we learn how to nurture ourselves and as Casey says, “get our stuff together.”  One practice that has really helped Casey on her path to mindfulness is meditation, and she shares a simple way of focusing on your breath and how that helps you learn more about your triggers and how to return to a place of calm.  Such an invaluable practice in motherhood!

Today you’ll hear part 1 and then, listen to Episode 25 for part 2.

To learn more about Casey and services, visit her website Joyful Courage.  You can find her Joyful Courage Podcast HERE.



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