In today’s show, Episode 26, we decided to try something new in honor of Mother’s Day.

Rather than interview a guest or chat together, we are sharing personal stories about our own journey in motherhood.  This week Shannon tells her story and Ashley will share hers in the next episode.

Shannon shares more about her birth stories, how all of the births were so completely different and how powerful it was going through each one.

Shannon reflects on some of the lessons she’s learned from her boys, including how doing it differently is a good thing, that we all bloom in our own timing, how important it is to practice letting go of perfection, how to accept what is and how to trust herself, her children and life.

The full circle moments she’s experienced through these different births and being a mom to three awesome boys, has taught Shannon how to stop being afraid – how to be brave and honor the challenges, imperfections and celebrations that come on this crazy joyride called motherhood!

Happy Mother’s Day to you beautiful mamas.


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With love,

Shannon & Ashley