Listeners of the Podcast and members of our Mindful Mama Movement on Facebook share their questions that we address in Episode 4.

In today’s show, we explore questions like:

1) How do you feel confident you are giving your children the time and energy they need so that you can focus on your personal interests and needs, too?
2) How do you build yourself up after becoming a mom, especially when you don’t have family nearby?
3) How do you connect to your “real self” and feel authentic while you mother?
4) Grouchiness, gratitude and guilt: How do other moms balance grouchiness, gratitude and guilt and how do we let go of the guilt so we don’t carry it?
5) What are some tips and strategies for raising happy and confident children?


Your Mindful Mama Moment:

Look at your own life and notice if you have some mama guilt that you are ready to let go of?  Are you being hard on yourself?  Are you ready to start a new day?  Let’s make a commitment to shed that guilt and remember, you are doing the best you can.

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