In today’s show, Episode 5, we’re introducing you to Michelle Hunter.

Michelle is a content strategist, writer and coach with a gift for helping creative entrepreneurs tell their story with simple authenticity and transform their business with powerful marketing and strategy.

She’s a mom to 3 adult children and continues to parent them mindfully.

Her business, Michelle Hunter Creative, focuses on empowering women to bring their creative vision to life in a business that is rich, fulfilling and aligned with their lives.

In our show today, Michelle talks about the “toddler dance” our children go through, even when they are adults, and what that’s teaching her about motherhood.


Michelle and her kids when they were younger.

She shares her personal reflections on what she’s learned from her path as a mother to this point, including how to embrace imperfection and let go of mama guilt. She inspires us to look at our own lives and see where we can let go of the guilt we carry.

Michelle also talks about animal personality traits and how knowing your dominate animal trait can help you learn more about yourself.

This interview is heartfelt, authentic and powerful.  We simply know you are going to feel inspired, excited and a sense of peace after you listen.

You can find out more about Michelle and join her free Discover Your Story Challenge on her website, HERE.  

You may have a business dream, a creative idea or an impact you want to make on the world. Michelle will inspire you to discover your story and help you find the confidence to show up in your life as you decide which direction to go next.


Visit our  Mindful Mama Movement Facebook Group and share your animal traits and take-aways from this show.  Michelle will be stopping by this week to answer questions you have.


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