In today’s show, Episode 9, we have the honor of speaking with Olympic medal winner, Sydney Leroux, about her recent transition into motherhood.

Sydney is the mother to a six-week old baby boy and our very own Ashley was Sydney’s doula.

She is also a professional soccer player with a World Cup title and, as a professional athlete, Sydney brings a unique perspective to the show.

Most mothers experience some emotional and frustrating moments with regards to their bodies after giving birth but Sydney’s body, and how it feels and performs, is critical to her career.

In today’s show, we not only talk about her struggles with this but also about how she felt when she discovered she was pregnant while qualifying for the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

In fact, she explains why her reaction to the news is the one thing she would do differently if she could go back and do it all again.

Sydney’s raw, and beautiful, emotions during this interview are moving and take us back to what it was like being new mothers for the first time.

It’s all not serious though as Sydney talks about her need for a breast milk freezer and tells her birth story that is filled with humorous moments and a few surprises.

We hope you find Sydney’s honesty refreshing and you take comfort in her words; especially if you’re on your way to becoming a new mother yourself.

Sydney now feels a bond with other mothers, who she says are all superheroes, and has offered to answer any questions someone might have for her about transitioning into motherhood and then transitioning back into your career.

To learn more about Sydney, check out her website or follow her on Instagram.

To connect with Sydney, just head over to the Mindful Mama Movement Facebook Group and post your questions for her. 


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Thank you, Sydney, for sharing a beautiful part of your mothering journey with us. We heart you big time.


Shannon & Ashley